About us?


SOLARIUM BIOTECHONOLOGY SA ., is a Chilean company that was formed and consolidated since 1999 in our country, with the sole and great objective of contributing to the improvement of nutrition, well-being and health of people, through dissemination, marketing and production of the Spirulina maximum in its natural form. All this is achieved thanks to a production process with the highest and most rigorous quality standards, in each of its production stages, which allows us to obtain a wonderful food which nature has put in our hands, the maximum spirulina. .

Today we feel very proud of the research carried out. For the successes and failures obtained and the results we have achieved for more than 19 years of intense work. For this reason we can say as a family SOLARIUM BIOTECHONOLOGY SA that our product Spirulina Mater is the only one ORGANIC Spirulina that is produced in our country. This high level of quality is supported by international organizations that grant the corresponding certifications. So that you, as a consumer, have the peace of mind of being FEEDING YOUR LIFE with one of the most complete foods that nature has put in your hands: spirulina.

Our objetive

To be leaders and references of quality through the development and production of this wonderful food, Spirulina Algae. So that it can be used by all of humanity.

Our values

They are based on and inspired by our customers, for which we challenge ourselves every day as a company to deliver a product produced in harmony with the environment, which is why all our processes, including technological ones, have been fully adapted to take care of it.

Ethics and integrity guide and inspire our actions as a human team who are our fundamental allies, as well as our suppliers and distributors.

Marketing is also inspired and guided by our wonderful product. This marketing mission is carried out by highly trained professionals to provide the best service.

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