Meet SpiruPaw


We are a brand that is formed from the love and respect we have for animals. Our only great objective is to contribute to the improvement of the nutrition, well-being and health of our furry friends 🐶🐱 through a healthy snack based on Spirulina, the natural superfood 🌱 rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

All this thanks to a production process with the highest and most rigorous quality standards! 🌟✨ in each of its production stages, which allows us to obtain this wonderful snack.

Today we are very proud to present SpiruPaw to you. For this reason we can say that we have one of the most innovative snacks, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as iron, selenium and zinc; B complex and vitamin A, which are essential for the proper functioning of our pet's digestive, immune and cardiovascular systems. In addition, it helps them improve the quality of their skin and coat. 🐾🌟

So that you as petslovers 🐾💕 have the peace of mind of feeding the lives of your pets with one of the most complete and natural supplements on the market.

Our Objective: Position SpiruPaw as leaders and a healthy and innovative alternative to taking care of our pets, through the care and production of this wonderful snack.

Our Values: They are based on inspiring our customers with confidence, providing the best quality products for their pets. Therefore our products are designed in them and for them. Ethics and integrity guide and inspire our actions as a team, to always provide the best customer experience. 💪🌿

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